Why is the Enneagram Typing Interview preferred to online tests?

The Enneagram Typing Interview is an indepth, structured, and personalized conversation aimed at helping you uncover your Enneagram personality type. The interview is conducted by a Certified Enneagram Practitioner who is trained to listen to the client's answers and observe and assess body language in order to ask deeper questions that explore the client's motivations, fears, and core beliefs. The key to determining your Enneagram type lies in not only in our answers, but in the reasons beneath your answers. These nuances are not easy for an automated test to uncover. 

Because of the Enneagram Practitioner's ability to ask deeper follow up questions, the interview process has a much higher accuracy rate than online or written tests. The insights gained from the typing process contribute to more accurate assessement of Enneagram type, along with identifying your probable stress/security line numbers and wings (the other places on the Enneagram map where we move, depending upon our circumstances).

The experience of the Typing Interview offers the client greater opportunity for personal growth and deeper self-awareness. Most clients use the information from the Typing Interview to do deeper work in Spiritual Direction.