Divine patterns of understanding

Astrology offers us an ancient symbolic language, a tool that is less about predicting the future than it is for self-reflection and understanding. In my practice, I often explore a client's natal chart with their Enneagram (and sometimes I will also explore a chart as part of an acupuncture session). Astrology allows us to delve into the unique journey of the soul, often helping us to re-align with our purpose. 

While the Enneagram reflects our earthly journey and is shaped by our interactions and experiences with people around us, the natal chart is a cosmic gift bestowed upon us at birth, predating our very first human encounter. These two venerable systems for understanding the personality intersect in fascinating ways, enriching our comprehension of the self.

It has long been my deep belief that God communicates with us through patterns. This belief drew me into the practice of East Asian Medicine, which is rooted in the patterns of nature and the Five Elements. It also drew me to the Enneagram and astrology. 

The predictable movements of celestial bodies are far from random as they follow a precise order. Exploring your natal chart and current transits becomes a compass for navigating life's intricacies and managing challenging relationships. Astrology provides us with another type of map that offers us solace and insight, helping us find peace amidst life's stresses.