Transform your life with the Enneagram

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." -Maya Angelou.

The Enneagram

Nine ways to understand the soul

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom tool designed to help us explore and understand the personality. Its origins date back to the Sufis and the Enneagram map is said to hold the steps of the Sufi dance.

The Enneagram map is a nine-pointed star within a circle, with each point representing a different Enneagram type. It is said that each point reflects one of the nine faces of God. There are inter-relationships between the numbers along the straight lines as well as between the numbers around the outer circle. 

We lead with one of these nine personality types. Our Enneagram type starts to form the moment we first open our eyes and we begin to learn how to get our needs met. Our Enneagram personality continues to develop through our formative years. Our Enneagram type does not change as we grow. It remains with us for life.

The power of Enneagram work lies in meeting our Shadow. When the Shadow is encountered, we begin to realize the ways in which we have struggled throughout life. Once we confront the Shadow, we can begin to make choices from the higher side of our Enneagram type, choices which serve our evolution. Shedding light on the Shadow lifts us out of struggle and leads us into ease. Shadow work takes us into conscious awareness and out of reactivity. Thus, a clear understanding of your Enneagram type has the power to enhance your relationships with loved ones, with colleagues, and with neighbors and members of your community. But mostly it enhances the relationship which affects every other relationship in your life: the relationship you have with yourself.

The Enneagram teaches us self-compassion. It introduces us to who we really are at our deepest level. It exposes us. It empowers us. It transforms us. 

More about the Enneagram Types

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The Enneagram Typing Interview is a structured conversation aimed at helping the client discover their Enneagram personality type. The interview is conducted by a Certified Enneagram Practitioner who is trained to listen to your answers and observe body language in order to ask deeper questions to explore the client's motivations, fears, and core beliefs. Because of the Enneagram Practitioner's ability to ask deeper follow up questions, this interview process has a much higher accuracy rate than online or written tests. The insights gained from typing process contribute to more accurate Enneagram type identification, along with identifying your probable stress/security line numbers and wings (the other places on the Enneagram map where we move, depending on our circumstances). The result offers us opportunities for personal growth and deeper self-awareness. Most clients use the information from the typing process to do deeper work in Spiritual Direction.

Maria Mandarino