Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling

Restoring balance naturally

Sometimes you can't figure it out yourself. And your doctor doesn't have the time to listen, or is able to offer the natural and gentle approach you are seeking.

This is why I offer customized consultations for herbal medicine and homeopathy, held in the virtual space,

to help support and restore your health. 

You may be one of my acupuncture patients in the clinic.

Or you may simply be someone seeking support from a trained guide who is also a licensed healthcare provider and educator.

Whatever has brought you here, I am honored to support you on your journey toward health empowerment.



Using the principles of East Asian Medicine, these meetings focus on creating energetic balance and harmony with the goal of creating better health. This approach considers the individual's constitution, the energetic qualities of foods, and the impact of seasons on health. Recommendations often involve specific dietary adjustments, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle modifications to promote overall well-being and restore energetic balance. Recommendations for herbs and supplementation will also be addressed.

Maria Mandarino


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