Acupuncture and Fertility
Acupuncture supports natural fertility, IVF, healthy pregnancy, labor, and postpartum health.

Research indicates that acupuncture and East Asian Medicine optimize fertility, whether you are on the path to natural conception or undergoing IVF. My personalized approach is designed to regulate your hormones and your menstrual cycle, enhance blood flow to the uterus to increase the thickness of the uterine lining, improve both egg and sperm quality, and support the reproductive and emotional health of both partners.

For those on the IVF journey, acupuncture treatments are timed to work synergistically with your IVF appointments. According to a German study, when IVF treatments are combined with acupuncture, the success rates increases by over 40%. Acupuncture also helps to ease the side effects of the medications administered in IVF. Acupuncture will also help you manage the stress of IVF treatments.

If you are already pregnant, acupuncture can help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy, helping to boost your energy levels and also sleep comfortably. Acupuncture also helps women suffering from hyperemesis (morning sickness), heartburn, and back pain. 

Lastly, acupuncture helps to prepare the mother for labor, relaxing pelvic floor muscles and reducing anxiety. Acupuncture can also help promote harmony during the postpartum stage.