Tailored therapies for healing body, mind, and spirit in the West Phoenix Valley.
Specializing in Classical Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, AMMA Therapy®, the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release, the Bach Flower Remedies, the Enneagram, and Spiritual Direction.


Are you in transition? Seeking a better way? Wanting to be heard and seen by your healthcare provider? 

Look no further. I am here to support you on your journey to wholeness. Whether you are on the fertility journey and seeking to support conception, on the IVF journey, or dealing with chronic pain, poor digestive health, or a weakened immune system, I am here for you. 

My unique expertise lies in identifying and addressing the root cause of your symptoms, not just the surface-level discomfort. I do this through the ancient healing arts of acupuncture, somatic bodywork, flower essences, spiritual direction, and various systems of sacred geometry, including but not limited to the Enneagram. 

Looking for a new experience in healthcare? Look no further. 


Discover the distinct benefits individualized holistic care.

Every treatment is designed with your unique concerns and with your wellbeing in mind.
Classical Acupuncture, Gold Moxa, Craniosacral Therapy, John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release, AMMA Therapy®
Acupuncture, Gold Moxa Treatments and somatic bodywork therapies restore balance and create harmony, helping to decrease pain, improve range of motion, strengthen your immune system, harmonize digestion, decrease stress and anxiety, and support all your wellness goals.
Enhance Fertility
Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine enhance fertility by regulating hormones, improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, balancing the nervous system, and reducing stress. Research shows that IVF success rates significantly increase when acupuncture and methods of East Asian Medicine are incorporated into care. Acupuncture also helps maintain a healthy pregnancy and as well as prepares the mother for labor when it's time for the baby to arrive.
Deeper Self-Awareness
Gain clarity, make better decisions, and deepen the quality of your relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself through inner awareness. Spiritual Direction, the Bach Flower Remedies, the Enneagram, and other systems of sacred geometry help you eliminate blocks that cause you to repeat unwanted patterns of behavior while also deepening your connection to your creative and spiritual Source.
Why Strength in Adversity?
The hardest things we face in life shape us.

We are on this planet at a pivotal moment in human evolution, and for many, this means facing profound challenges or shouldering burdens that may feel beyond human capacity.

Whether you are grappling with anxiety or grief, managing covid long hauler symptoms, coping with trauma, chronic pain, or infertility, or you’ve just been living life at full throttle for too long, adversity bears down on us, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We feel separated and scattered. Amidst such inner turmoil, discovering the path back to wholeness can feel overwhelming.

Adversity doesn’t only test our limits, however. It also presents us with opportunities to cultivate resilience to help us grow in more powerful ways. Recognizing and embracing these opportunities, however, is best achieved with support and guidance from someone highly trained to assist you on this journey.

You don't have to do this alone. Let’s get to work. 



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